Winner of the Stockport Schools Book Award 2010

As all computer geeks know, Ctrl-Z is one of the most useful keys on the board. It's the key that 'undoes' whatever you last did. If you make a mistake, Ctrl-Z takes you back to before you made it.

When Alex is given a laptop by Godfather John for his birthday, he finds it has a Ctrl-Z function that goes one better. It lets him 'undo' time. Half an hour, two hours, four hours if he wants to, he can rewind his life to any point that day. Which is kind of handy for those occasions when things didn't go too well first time round, and he'd like the chance to try again.

I've always loved stories that mess about with time and this is definitely one of my favourites! (And in case you were wondering, it's pronounced 'Control-Zed'!)

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